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HAFELE TOOLS AND SHOP SUPPLIES: Aluminum Oxide Dri-lube Resin, Aluminum Oxide Wide Belts, Caulk, Construction Adhesive, Dark Wood Glue, Doweling LV, Extend Wood Glue, Fluorescent Wood Glue, HiPurfomer Advanced Bonding System, Liquid Hide Glue, Melamine Glue, Moulding and Trim Glue, Original Wood Glue, Polyurethane Glue, Premium Wood Glue, Resin Cloth Open, Sealant, Ultimate Wood Glue, Wood Filler, AccuScriberPro, Adjustable Line Boring Jig, Aluminum Oxide Paper Discs, Auger Bit, Biscuit Joiner, Brad Point Bits, Calculator, Double Handle on Demand, Drawer Guide Locating Tool, Drill Bits, Drilling Machine, Dust Masks, Ear Plugs, Electric Trim Ring, Euro Jig and Centering Tool, FastBreak, First Aid Kit, Folding Wrench Set, Forstner Bits, Glasses and Goggles, Gloves, Glue Bottles, Hinge Machine and Twist Bits, Holesaw Bit, HR2 Panel Rack, J-Roller, Laminate Trimming Bits, Laser Line Level, Lateral Parts Cart, Leica Laser, Mity Miter, Multi-Flex Shelf Rack, Parallel Scriber, Premium Aluminum Oxide FilmBac Discs, Pro-Hold, Quick-Set Jigs for Handles and Pulls, Resin Paper Discs, Respirators, Sanding Sponges, Screwdrivers and Bits, Silicon Carbide Dri-Lube Paper Open, Softwax Kit, Speed Clip, Speed Tape, Sponge Hand Pads, Step and Vix Bits, Stretch Wrap, Tape and Velcro, Trimmers, Utility Knife and Trimmers, Wiping Cloths, Abrasives, Adhesives, Safety Equipment, Drilling Hardware, Aluminum Oxide Dri-Lube, Portable Belts, Titebond®, Measuring and Support, Cutting Tools, Shop Supplies, Material Handling, 3rd and Little Hand, Tape Measures, Laminate Slitter.
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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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