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Hafele Drawer Slides: Moovit Drawer System, Epoxy/Plastic Slides and Accessories, Ball Bearing Slides, Pull-Out Cabinet Slides/Guides, Drawer Slides and Profiles, Railing Sets and Cross Rails, Front Panels and Brackets, Height Extension Panels, For Face Frame Cabinets, Accessories, Accuride, Information, 3/4 Extension 35 lbs., Full Extension 65 lbs., 3/4 Extension 75 lbs., Full Extension 100 lbs., Full Extension 90 lbs., Full Extension 150 lbs., Full Extension 180 lbs., Full Extension 200 lbs., Full Extension 350 lbs., Full Extension 150 500 lbs., 3/4 Extension 75 lbs., Two Way Slides 50 lbs., Two Way Slides 100 lbs., Shelf Slide 100 lbs., Lock-Out 110 lbs., Over Extension 155 lbs., Pantry Slide 175 lbs, Linear Motion Track System, Stainless Steel Full Extension, 17 mm 3/4 Extension 22 lbs., Rack and Pinion System, Bee Slide Full Extension 100 lbs., 3/4 Extension 100 lbs., Grass Zargon Drawer System, Grass Zargon Pendaflex, Full Extension 150 lbs., 3/4 Extension 66 lbs., Rear Mounting Brackets and Spacers, Drawer Front Adjustment Fittings, Soft Closer, Roll-out Tray Supports, Plastic Rails, Single Extension Tiratell - 220 lbs., Full Extension 275 lbs., EKU Forte 374 lbs., Partial Extension 440 lbs., Metal Box System, Salice Concealed Undermount Slides, Grass Concealed Undermount Slides.
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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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