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Sliding & Roller Shutter Systems Catalog

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Hafele Sliding and Roller Shutter Products

Hafele Sliding and Roller Shutter Systems: Guide and Glide Fittings, Sliding Wood Door Fittings, Coplanar Doors for Upper and Lower Cabinets, Accessories, Sliding Glass Door Fittings, Guide Bolts, EKU Clipo 10 H Inslide, EKU Clipo 10 H Mixslide, Slido Classic 12 IF C, Hangar, EKU Clipo 15 H Inslide, EKU Clipo 15 H Mixslide, EKU Clipo 15 HM Inslide, EKU Clipo 15 HM Mixslide, EKU Clipo 16 H Inslide, EKU Clipo 16 H Mixslide, Slido Classic 20 IF C, Slido Classic 20 VF C, EKU Clipo 16 HM Inslide, EKU Combino 20 H Inslide, EKU Combino 20 H Foreslide, HAWA Roll-Away, S 8 One IF/VF 20, EKU Clipo 25 H Mixslide, EKU Frontino 20, EKU Frontino 40, Slider S, Planofit Straightening System, Profile Strips, Slido Design 25 IF G, EKU Clipo 16 GPK/GPPK Inslide, EKU Clipo 16 GS Inslide, EKU Clipo 15 GR Inslide, EKU Clipo 15 GPK and GPKK Inslide, EKU Clipo 15 GS Inslide, EKU Clipo 25 GR 20/20 Inslide, EKU Clipo 25 GR 20/20 Mixslide, EKU Regal A 25 GR 40/22 Foreslide, Tracks, Glides and Guides, EKU Clipo 25 H Inslide, EKU Regal A 25 H Foreslide, EKU Regal B 25 H Foreslide, EKU Combino 35 H Inslide, EKU Clipo 35 H and HM Inslide, EKU Clipo 35 H and HM Mixslide, Slido Classic 40 IF C, EKU Combino 35 H Foreslide, EKU Combino L 40, EKU Combino L 40 Synchro, HAWA Dorado Infront, EKU Combino U 50, HAWA Antea 50 Vorfront, Rolluna, EKU Combino 60 H Inslide, EKU Combino 60 H Mixslide, EKU Combino 60 H Foreslide, HAWA Antea 80 Vorfront, Slider M 50+, Slider L, Panel Retainers, EKU Soft Closer, EKU Regal B 25 GK Foreslide, EKU Regal C 25 GR 20/20 Inslide, EKU Regal C 25 GR 20/20 Mixslide, EKU Frontal 25 GR Foreslide, EKU Clipo 35 G Inslide, EKU Clipo 35 GPK and GPPK Inslide, EKU Combino 60 GR Mixslide, EKU Combino 60 GR Foreslide
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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches
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