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Download PDF:
Table of Contents | Full Catalog

Sliding Door Hardware-Wood:

Top Hung System:
Slido Classic:
Slido Classic 40-I 80-I 120-I, Slido Classic 40-P 60-P 80-P 120-P, Slido Classic 40-O 60-O 80-O 120-O, Slido Classic Tracks and Accessories, Slido Classic 160-P and 160-O, Slido Classic 240-P and 240-O, Slido Design 80-M

EKU Porta 60/100 H, EKU Porta 60/100 HC, EKU Porta 60/100 H/HC Synchro, EKU Porta 60/100 HM, EKU Porta 60/100 HMD, EKU Porta 60/100 HMT, EKU Divido 100 H, EKU Divido 100 H Synchro, EKU Divido 100 HM, EKU Soft and Self Close, EKU Divido Lower Guide Application, EKU Stacking,

HAWA Junior 40/Z, HAWA Junior 40/B, HAWA Media 70, HAWA Junior 80/Z, HAWA Junior 80/B, HAWA Junior 80/B (mod.), HAWA Junior 80/Inox, HAWA Telescopic 40/4, HAWA Telescopic 80/2 and 80/3, HAWA Symmetric 80/Z, HAWA Junior 120/A, HAWA Junior 120/B, HAWA Silenta 150/B, HAWA Junior 160/A, HAWA Junior 160/B, HAWA Junior 250/A, HAWA Junior 250/B, HAWA Super 250/A, HAWA Super 350/A, HAWA Super 500/A, HAWA Super 500/B

Alu 80:
Alu 80, Alu 80/A, Alu 80/A with Softmaster

Straightaway 50, Straightaway 100, Straightaway 320

Barn Door Hardware/Solid Tube SS Tracks:
Flatec I, Flatec II, Unotec Home, Tritec, Bi-Parting

Barn Door/Hollow Tube SS Tracks:
Flatec IV, Flatec V, Project, Antra I, Antra II, Bi-Parting, Bi-Parting, Flat Track System #BD100, Flat Track System #BD110, Flat Track System #BD200, Flat Track System #BD201

Bottom Rolling System:
EKU Divido 80 H
Straightaway 115, Straightaway 180, Straightaway 400, Straightaway 500, Straightaway 1000, Silent Woodflex 80

Bi-Folding Door Applications:
Slido Classic Bifold 30
HAWA Bifold 30

Sliding/Folding for Interior Partitions:
HAWA Variofold 80/H, HAWA Centerfold 80/H, HAWA 20-c Folding Wall 120, HAWA Variotec 150/H, HAWA Separo 103/H 400 and 112H/400

Sliding/Stacking for Cabinet Applications:
HAWA 220 Planfront 70, HAWA Aperto 40/F, HAWA Aperto 60/H

Sliding/Folding for Exterior Partitions:
Al Fresco Summit

Pocket Door:
Futura, Slido

Häfele Smuso AD, HAWA Softmove 80, HAWA Angle Profile, HAWA SoundEx, HAWA Assembly Wedge, HAWA Confort Guides, Lower Guides, Lower Guide Channel, Sealing and Buffer Profile, HAWA Doorfix

Sliding Door Hardware-Glass:

Top Hung System:
Slido Classic:
Slido Classic 80-L and 120-L

EKU Porta 100 G, EKU Porta 100 GF, EKU Porta 100 GFO, EKU Porta 100 GU, EKU Porta 100 GW, EKU Porta 100 GWF, EKU Porta 100 GW/GWF Synchro, EKU Divido, EKU Divido 80 GR, EKU Divido 100 GR, EKU Divido GR Synchro, EKU Divido 100 GRM, EKU Divido 100 Stacking

HAWA Junior 40/GS, HAWA Junior 40/GP, HAWA Ordena 70/F, HAWA Ordena 70/P, HAWA Junior 80/GS, HAWA Junior 80/GP, HAWA Junior 80/G, HAWA Symmetric 80/G, HAWA Telescopic 80/G, HAWA Junior 80/G Fixed Panel, HAWA Purolina-Plus 80, HAWA Junior 120/GP, HAWA Junior 120/G, HAWA Junior for Fixed Glass, HAWA Junior 160/GP, HAWA Junior 160/G, HAWA Junior 250/G, HAWA Super 250/G, HAWA Super 400/G

Special Suspension Profile, Smuso AD, HAWA Angle Profile, HAWA Assembly Wedge

Barn Door Hardware/Solid Tube SS Tracks:
Flatec I, Unotec Home, Tritec, Bi-Parting

Barn Door Hardware/Hollow Tube SS Tracks:
Flatec IV, Project, Antra I, Bi-Parting, Runway

Bottom Rolling System:
Silent Aluflex 40, Silent Aluflex 80, Silent Aluflex Tools and Infill Panels

Sliding/Folding for Partitions:
HAWA Variofold 80/GV, HAWA Centerfold 80/GV, HAWA Aperto 60/GL, HAWA Variotec 150/GV, HAWA Variotec 150/GR, HAWA 112G/400

Metal Fittings:
HAWA Junior 80/M, HAWA Super 250/M, HAWA Super 500/M

HAWA Toplock, Locks

Sliding Door Hardware: Mortise Locks, Flush Pulls, Sliding Door Locks, Pocket Door Locks.

Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches

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