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Top Knobs TK732BSN Nina Clear Glass Round Knob 1 3/8" - Brushed Satin Nickel Base

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Item# Top-Knobs-TK732BSN

Product Information

  • Description

    Top Knobs TK732BSN Nina Clear Glass Round Knob 1 3/8" - Brushed Satin Nickel Base

    Product Details:

    Part Number: TK732BSN
    Finish: BSN
    Collection: Barrington
    2016 Catalog Page: New
    Description: Nina Clear Glass Round Knob 1 3/8" - Brushed Satin Nickel Base
    Length: 1 3/8"
    Width: 1 3/8"
    Center to Center (c-c):
    Base Diameter:
    Screw Pack: M4
    Base Material: Brass
    UPC: 840355242706

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Quick Metric Conversions: 25mm = 1 inch (approx), 2.5cm = 1 inch (approx), 96mm = 3.75 inches

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