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COR7G Gravity Door Coordinator 7 inch ProjectionZoom

Flush Bolts and Coordinators COR7G Gravity Door Coordinator

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    When the active door is open, coordinator prevents active door from closing until inactive door bypasses Closing of inactive door causes strike plate on the top of door to contact cam and lift arm,allowing active door to close As inactive door continues closing, roller rides over strike plate on to door bracket, holding arm above active door Gravity action arm and door bracket are adjustable on the job for ease of installation Nylon roller provides quiet and efficient operation, and helps protect the astragal and doors from damage Nylon roller on short arm glides smoothly over door bracket and strike, ensuring silent operation UL-listed for fire doors Non-handed Made of forged brass Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.3, Type 21.Use on pairs of doors with astragal on active door up to 4' With astragal, inactive door up to 3'4 inch With astragals, both doors up to 2'10 inch
    Available Size
    7 inch Projection
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    Available Finish
    26D Satin Chromium 10B Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 Bright Brass 26 Bright Chromium
    Important Notes: Sex bolts available for door bracket.
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