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Hafele 039.70.504 Aerofix 100 Glue Dowel, 50mm, plastic, black (100 pcs/pkg***)Zoom

Hafele 039.70.504 Aerofix 100 Glue Dowel, 50mm, plastic, black (100 pcs/pkg***)

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Item# Hafele-039-70-504
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Product Information

  • Description

    Hafele 039.70.504 Adhesive Insert, Häfele Aerofix
    For drill hole Ø10 mm,, For panel thickness: 50 mm

    Note: This product can only be purchased in minimum quantity of 100

    Installation :

    Drill a 10 mm boring hole at the desired spot into one cover layer. Choose a boring depth that removes the core and only the glue on the bottom cover layer.

    Press the Aerofix® 100 into the bore hole, it will lock itself into place mechanically while releasing the glue from the capsule. This makes it possible for screws to be screwed into the insert before the glue cures.

    Pressing in the sleeve activates the chemical adhesive process. 1-K-PUR adhesive spreads out onto the upper and lower cover layers and hardens completely within 16 hours. After the adhesive has hardened, the adhesive sleeve is fully functional under normal loads.

    Suitable for :
    Connectors, shelf supports, mounting plates and hinges, back panel connectors, slides, sliding door hardware, furniture casters, table legs and furniture pedestals, locking systems and furniture handles and decorative hardware

    Mounting :
    Drill hole 10 mm
    Insertion of glue dowel
    Press in flush
    Screw into place

    Material :

    Color :

    Order reference :

    100 pcs.

    Optional items:
    Hospa chipboard screw with countersunk head Ø 3.5/4.0 mm
    Flat Head Countersunk, Phillips Drive
    For drill holes with Ø 5 mm
    For drill holes with Ø 3 mm
  • Specifications

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    Hafele 039.70.504, 039-70-504, 03970504, 039.70

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